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Rounded Loftcube – Unique Design

What defines cool? Oh isn’t that always a hard one. Its the sort of term that is difficult to pin down, and the answer often varies from person to person, and culture to culture. However, one thing is pretty clear- most people would consider the Loftcube to be pretty darn cool.

The Loftcube concept comes to us from Berlin. The idea is to take a start using all the free space available on the top of large buildings for the modular home idea that is the Loftcube. The Loftcube comes in at 420 square feet and has about 8 feet of ceiling space. But what makes Loftcube so cool are its looks. Since the Loftcube sits on four legs, it is elevated a few inches off the ground. Also it has a custom interior.

The Loftcube, with its sleek rounded, curved walls and tall, nearly floor to ceiling windows, is a design which is very appealing to the eye. This more resembles a work of art from a museum (or a movie set prop from a late 1960s science fiction concept) than it does a modular home. And thats what makes it cool.

The design team has done a fine job showing the world how they built their concept. They have several videos online that walk visitors through the process in detail. This nice touch helps make the entire process more accessible.

One of the first things visitors to the website will notice is how fantastic the interiors of the Loftcube can be. In many tiny homes the interior space is often an afterthought, but not with the very modern and stylish Loftcube. In this regard the Loftcube really excels.

In fact, one would be very hard pressed to find a more impressive utilization of 420 square feet in a tiny home. The sheer coolness of this tiny homes interior will likely make most feel as though they are actually in a larger home. Now, that is great design. Designer Werner Aisslinger and the Loftcube team have created something with the Loftcube that will certainly change peoples minds regarding tiny homes and modular design.