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Floating Office Design H2Office

Along the floating/small home theme, I recently came across an article on the H2Office, which is designed as a floating office. The H2Office is the brainchild of Cardiff-based WaterSpace Developments and industrial design and marketing company.

The first model is slated to be available soon. Planned features include:

Enough space for 1-2 to work
Both a private work area and a breakout area for (small) meetings and/or meals
a deck
a bathroom equipment with toilet and shower
foldaway bunks in case of the need to pull an overnighter
built-in storage space
a small tender dock which could be used to stash something like a kayak or to catch a few rays
dimensions compatible with docking in a standard marina space

For additional information check out the designers blog.

Aside from finding this a cool idea, I’m filing this away in case I someday want to expand my living space by having a nearby office at the marina rather than simply using my back room. (I just wished it looked a little less like a floating airstream trailer.)