Small Homes

The Interesting Perrinepod Concept and Design

Some tiny home concepts may very well give you a glimpse into the future of dwellings, and how we will be living in the future. Perrinepod, based in Australia, may just be one of those visionary companies. Perrinepod has been featured in numerous magazines around the world for their cutting edge designs and concepts.

One short quote from the Perrinepod website really sums up how ambitious they are, The Perrinepod was created to provide individuals access to high quality sustainable, affordable and near instant residential solutions. What is most tantalizing is the near instant residential solutions part of the statement.

How near instant? Perrinepod states that they can build a home in three days. Moreover, they state that the end product will suit any landscape and virtually any architectural style. Take a deeper look at the Perrinepod concept, and you will understand why they feel so strongly about their product.

Perrinepod is taking the modular, prefabricated concept to a borderline science fiction extreme. It is the sort of housing concept that as children many of us would have expected to see in the future. First, the Perrinepod is green. Instead of using traditional concrete they are using a geo polymer concrete. This green design extend into every aspect of the Perrinepod as the structure uses a variety of sustainable strategies, ranging from how the recycling is handled, to the energy the module uses. Solar panels are a key feature, and the Perrinepod has a 5 Star energy rating.

Another reason the Perrinepod concept is so attractive is that each module can act as a one-bedroom dwelling, or a few can be added together to form a larger house. The Perrinepod concept can even accommodate very large structures. How large? They can be stacked 30 story’s high. No doubt the Perrinepod seems rather futuristic.

The Perrinepod, keeping with the flexible philosophy of their design, has numerous options available. Their 6m Standard Pod has 48m2 (516 square feet) of internal floor space, and cost about $149,000 Australian dollars. The turn around time from order to delivery is a very impressive two-weeks. The largest pod available is currently the PodVilla 13, which has 144m2 (1550 square feet) of internal floor space and costs $425,000 Australian dollars. Expect about ten weeks for the PodVilla 13 from order to delivery. Ten weeks for a home of this size is truly impressive by any standard. There are many other sizes in between the 6m Standard Pod and the PodVilla 13.

Anyone in Australia thinking about a tiny home or a green home should probably take a good look at what Perrinepod is doing. Imagine having a tiny home such as the 6m Standard Pod in just two weeks. That may be the most futuristic aspect of the entire project. Hopefully, we will be seeing the Perrinepod idea moving out of Australia and into the rest of the world soon. If Perrinepod is indeed a glimpse into the future of housing, we may have much to look forward to.

Imagine a world where quickly produced, highly durable and green housing was the norm. Simply put, this would mean a higher standard of living for everyone everywhere.