Small Homes

Shepherd huts for Unique Tiny Spaces

Plankbridge Shepherd Huts has a really cool take on tiny spaces. Their huts are envisioned as being more of workspaces, studios and de facto add-ons for homes. However, these huts do a great job in showcasing how tiny spaces can be versatile, adaptable, and just plain cool. These huts may be small but they do have a lot to offer. Each hut has a lot of charm, as it is something of a cultural heirloom, as the people at Plankbridge like to put it. The designs of their huts are based upon the designs of huts from well over a hundred years ago. Yet, there are some significant additions.

The biggest difference between todays Plankbridge huts and those of the past is technology. While many of the traditional hand-crafted elements are still present in the design, many new design elements have been incorporated as well, for example, insulation. The Plankbridge huts are eco-friendly in that they use wool, or Thermafleece sheeps wool, for roof and floor insulation. The huts also come with double pane windows to help keep them warm and make the most out of furnace heat.

One of the most interesting aspects of the Plankbridge huts is how they have chosen to show how these tiny spaces can be used and adapted. It is possible to add bunk beds and built-in desk, as well as storage benches, cooking stoves and heating stoves. While there are lots of tiny space options on the market, one really has to give a nod to Plankbridge Huts for being uniquely charming. Part of that charm is the quality of material, and the hand made touch that goes into each hut.

Plankbridge Huts highlights an aspect of the tiny home and tiny space movement that is often overlooked. With tiny spaces and tiny homes it is much more possible to have a home or workspace that retains an element of craftsmanship that is slowly disappearing in our mechanized and industrial age. One has to appreciate Plankbridge Huts efforts. They have even done restoration on old huts and breathed new life into them.