Daily Life

Cat Life Jackets

Baxsters water life vest just arrived in the mail today. I decided to go with a design from Ruff Wear. I liked that their design used actually flotation material rather simply air inflation and also that it had a handle to haul him out of the water if he ever got into trouble.

Em trying to ease the poor little guy into it slowly. Baxster was showing signs of stress as it went on, so for his first wearing, it stayed on just long enough for me to grab a quick photo with my iPhone and for him to receive some encouraging cuddling and a treat for suffering through such indignity.

I think I’m going to have to get him to start associating wearing the vest with getting to do cool things like I had to do with his halter.

I promise more pictures once he starts to get a little more comfortable in it. Clearly, I need to adjust some of the straps so it fits a little better on him. But I think it should work with a couple of tweaks.