Small Homes

A Look into Blu Homes

Blu is a builder with some positive selling points for those looking to build a tiny home, green home or anyone just wanting to save a little money. Blu homes have building costs that are 45%-75% lower than a traditionally built home. That in and of itself should be enough to open most peoples eyes. Yet Blu is also very focused on building green and ecologically friendly homes. Their construction methods produce homes that cause 50% to 70% less carbon emissions than traditional construction, making these homes much more environmentally friendly than other forms of traditional construction.

What if you were told that Blu homes take about four weeks to construct? In fact, a Blu home takes about four weeks to construct and this is only the beginning of the flexibility that Blu Homes offers. They offer what is called Blu Flex Designs. Blu Flex Designs is likely to be of interest to anyone looking to build a tiny home . Flex Designs allow a home owner to easily add space to their existing home. Often young families worry that a tiny home might not be for them as they are worried about running out of space when they have children. Lets face it, even the biggest fan of tiny homes might be a little worried about two kids, a dog, a cat and a visiting mother-in-law in a 400 square foot home, or even a 900 square foot home for that matter. A concept like Flex Design is definitely a good one for it allows homeowners to add on additional space if needed. Currently, they are offering a media room added with stadium seating, but other room add-on designs are on the way.

The Blu Origin home comes in a three model, a studio, one bedroom and a two bedroom. The studio model is between $50,000 and $65,000 and is between 280 and 400 square feet. The one bedroom model is between 420 square feet and 600 square feet and runs between $70,000 and $90,000. The larger two-bedroom model can be as large as 800 square feet with a cost between $99,000 and $120,000. All their models are dedicated to being more energy efficient and producing less carbon emissions than your average home. Blu believes that the Origin produces about half of the carbon emissions of a traditional home and uses about sixty percent less energy as well.