Daily Life

Thinking but Not Saying

What would happen if we started being honest with ourselves about what we really want?

What if we started being ruthlessly real? What if we actually said the things that we think about, but are afraid to say?

Our egos may shrink and squirm, afraid to face reality as it is; afraid to bypass all the pretense; afraid to confront the shear nakedness of authenticity.

But maybe if we could evade the grip of our ego-based fears, we could embrace unfiltered, unmediated reality.

Maybe, just then, we’d start to come alive.

This quotes comes from Jonathon most recent contribution and it really resonated with me today. You can read the rest of Jonathons article here.

Probably the biggest benefit Ive noticed from my week-long media fast is that it made it impossible NOT to have to come to terms with some things which haven’t been working in my life. (Plus it freed up a heck of a lot of time to actually address those areas.)

More on this particular subject later. However, heres something to consider in the meantime what, in your own life, aren’t you telling the truth about? What do you think but not say to others? And what are you afraid to say even to yourself?

If you really give it some thought, I bet you come up with some interesting answers.