Small Homes

Easy to Build Structures

Solargon Structures is a rather innovative Fort Collins, Colorado company that is really trying to make some waves in the tiny home universe. They have three sizes of homes: a 20 diameter that is 309 square feet, a 30 diameter that is 695 square feet with 8 walls and a third model that is 695 square feet with 10 walls. The reason that their concepts and designs are so interesting isn’t the sizes of their tiny homes, but how they approach building and design.

The Solargon Structures concept is designed to be quickly assembled using a yurt design and SIPs, which stands for Structural Insulated Panels. These SIPs are essentially designed to be prebuilt wall and roof panels that can quickly be laid in place once homeowners receive their building kit. This design gives homeowners a variety of benefits including being able to quickly erect the structure, work on the structure on their own, transport the structure into remote locations and have a small environmental footprint. These panels are made from all natural materials as well meaning that no VOCs are used in the construction of the panels. No VOCs means no formaldehyde for example. which, This principle of course, translates into results when it comes to your indoor air quality.

These panels, the heart and sole of this building concept, have high R-values. As a result, homeowners will have reduced heating and cooling costs. The wall panels are a very respectable R28 and the ceiling panels are R42. But saving energy is only one the ways that these Solargon Structures tiny houses are green and environmentally friendly. They are designed with an eye toward passive solar heating and all the materials used in their construction are from natural materials that are also renewable.

There are some other benefits to a design like Solargon Structures, which might not be instantly obvious. Being able to build a home quickly means less overall expense, as families do not have to carry the cost of two homes simultaneously. This is one of the tiny extra benefits that can make building a tiny home really worthwhile in a variety of significant ways.