Small Homes

A Unique Folding Home

We’ve seen a lot of homes that are quite unique in the tiny home movement, but this home has a trick that is quite impressive. How can you not love a home that bills itself as The Folding & Transportable Home?” That is a tough one to top.

Habitaflex is a Canadian based homebuilder that has some really novel ideas for the tiny home universe. They have three different sizes of homes, but each is foldable and transportable. Now, a foldable home is certainly something that we haven’t seen much of before in the tiny home world or the building world in general. The folding of a Habitaflex home is a five-step habitaflex 300×165 Habitaflex A Folding Homeprocess that appears to work very well. How is this possible you ask? The system is based around a series of hand cranks that allow homeowners to unfold their portable home to wherever they wish to go. “Cranking” ones home and unfolding it is bound to raise some eyebrows. Sections of the Habitaflex home slide into one, this in turn allows for this tiny home to be compressed and easily transported. Once the home has been extended with the cranking system, it is several times its collapsed size. The core concept of a collapsible home is a bold one, worthy of some attention. It certainly adds a new wrinkle to the tiny home concept.

Once in its collapsed size, the Habitaflex homes can be transported in a variety of ways, even pulled by a heavy-duty pick-up trick. These tiny homes can be put on ships for transport, or even flown via helicopter to remote locations. Habitaflex has kept the dimensions of shipping containers in mind when designing this tiny home, just in case you need to transport it long distances.

One of the more surprising aspects of the Habitaflex concept is that the concept accommodates different sizes of homes, including one fairly large model. The largest model is even large enough for three bedrooms.

One has to appreciate the possibilities that the Habitaflex underscores. With their design it is possible to quite literally pick up your tiny home and take it wherever you need to go.