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Shipping Container Home Designs

This week I wanted to focus on some builders who are doing cool things with green housing, even if that housing isn’t necessarily tiny. The first thing that comes to mind is shipping containers which I have written about before. The more I think about it, the more I am enamored by what is being done these days with shipping containers.

A lot of very bright people have really jumped on board with the concept and realized that thousands of unused shipping containers already exist. Currently there are somewhere in the sneighborhood of 18 million shipping containers worldwide. They are highly durable, easily transported and make great elements and building blocks for modular designed homes. Since the shipping containers already exist, shipping container homes are a great way to build inexpensively while going green. A shipping container home is by its very nature, partially green and sustainable, due to the fact that the single largest component in a shipping container home is already built. There are also cost savings with building. Separate components don’t have to be trucked in from points all across the world or country. Instead a shipping container can be sent out to the construction site in one piece.

While shipper containers may only be slightly less expensive than building from wood and other traditional materials, the cost savings really comes into play is during the construction process itself. Homes built using shipping containers can literally be built in half the time.

One of the companies involved in building shipping container homes is SG Blocks. The company name stands for Safe, Green Blocks. This company provides code-engineered cargo shipping containers with an eye toward green construction that is highly sturdy and built to be used for decades to come. SG Blocks realized that modular construction was a major cost savings for construction of all sorts, and they have built their entire company around this notion. The SG Blocks are designed to be impressively strong. For example, each corner post is constructed in such a fashion that they are able to withstand 153,000 pounds of vertical load-each. This makes the design so strong that it is actually highly hurricane resistant.

If you are considering building a shipping container home, SG Blocks might be a good place to begin the process. They have taken a lot of the guesswork out of the process. They are in the business of taking shipping containers and modifying them so that they are very safe and durable. This durability is definitely part of the appeal of building with shipping containers.