Small Homes

The Ohisan Modular Home Design

PreFabulous Homes out of Vancouver, British Columbia has the motto of Modular Design-Redefined. Part of what makes PreFabulous Homes so interesting is their obsessive focus on being green. Their designs are built in such a way as to reduce the homes overall eco-footprint.

One of their tiny home offerings is The Ohisan. The Ohisan is a bungalow that has a total living space of 672 square feet. The way in which the interior space is used in The Ohisan allows it to maximize that space to a high degree. The design plan of The Ohisan has the bedrooms modules and bathrooms modules share circulation with the Great Room Module. This plan allows the interior space to be more effectively utilized. Another design, The Antrim, is a little larger at 800 square feet. The design of The Antrim is also clearly well thought out. Both The Ohisan and The Antrim pay close attention to the optimization of use of overall natural light in the space through design, thereby reducing electricity requirements.

There is a great deal to admire with the PreFabulous Homes concept. The modules are essentially complete when they are shipped from the factory and are built to the exact same building codes as conventional homes. Another impressive fact is that PreFabulous Homes can complete a project in just two to three months. The price tag of $160 to $200 per square foot is really not bad considering all that is delivered.

If you are considering a tiny home, PreFabulous is doing some fantastic homes. Some of their larger homes are very impressive as well. For example, their EcoFabulous Home has a very eco-friendly design, and their The Derry design is a very fun 1000 square foot home built on stilts.

PreFabulous Homes likes to think of itself as one stop shopping as they can handle everything from concept drawings, to permits, and new home warranty. Check out the website here. They are doing some interesting work and are worth a further look.