Small Homes

A Look at a Creative Approach Towards Architecture

Blue Sky Homes is taking an approach that is easy to like and one, which is encouraging to see more and more companies beginning to use. About 70% of the material that goes into a Blue Sky Homes creation is recycled and 100% of the material is recyclable. Keeping with this greener edge, the Blue Sky Homes concept is one where the reduction of waste is critical. To this end they have set up a factory fabrication process that eliminates much of the building waste that can occur using traditional building techniques. (Often on a traditional building site up to an amazing 40% of the material used is wasted.)

While steel can be energy intensive material to create, it is also true that steel is far more durable and longer lasting than wood. Blue Sky Homes uses steel for all of their construction for this reason. Keep in mind however, that 70% of all their building materials are from recycled sources. This is most definitely a good step in the green direction.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of Blue Sky Homes is how they keep their home designs from looking like modular homes. Unlike many modular homes, Blue Sky Homes does ship out completed modules. Instead they ship out sections. This gives them more flexibility in a variety of directions. While it may not be immediately obvious, modular homes that are sent out in a single piece are definitely at the mercy of logical constraints. The width of the highway is a good example of a constraint that might hinder the process. By using sectional design, Blue Sky Homes is able to bypass this limiting aspect of the modular process.

Watch the animated movie on the Blue Sky Home website. Seeing the different ways they can configure their core pieces is really an eye opener. The basic core piece design allows for the same parts to be used in a variety of different home constructions and in remarkably different shapes and sizes. Their prototype home built in Southern California is a good example of what the Blue Sky Homes team is capable of doing. This difference of perspective could really make Blue Sky Homes one to watch in the green building world.