Daily Life

Traveling Once Again

Well, the time has finally come to head up to Portland. Tomorrow, me and obscene amount of computer equipment head out. I plan to spread the 1,400 mile drive across three days so it shouldn’t be too bad. Especially since my iPhone is loaded up with audiobooks I havent had time to get to.

The current plan is to be up north until the end of April working on the kitchen, repairing/installing drywall, and painting. I’ll return to Albuquerque the beginning of May to visit with Markus and bring the family back up with me.

Unfortunately, my cat finds painting walls fascinating and he likes to help. So he gets to stay safely tucked in New Mexico until the painting is done and I also have sonic fences installed over both doors to the outside.

Ive both excited to finally be able to live in my tiny place full time and a little bit nervous.

Theres been a lot of renovations done to my place already. However, until now I simply threw money at the problem and had other people do the work. Now that balance is shifting more toward do-it-yourself. And with his work schedule this summer I’m not sure how much I’m going to be able to enlist his help.

Expect a lot of entries this summer on things like stripping wallpaper, laying wood floors, and trying to figure out how to install a new shower. I’m just crossing my fingers and praying that I have my mother and brothers aptitude for power tools.