Daily Life

The Long Drive

My apologies for personal updates being a little thin over the last few weeks. My mom being out to visit in New Mexico and getting ready to relocate full-time and took up most of my spare time. However, I am happy to report that I am now moved in (relatively speaking) to my lovely little floating home!

The journey began by packing most of the limited possessions I’ve lived with for the last year into my car. Its interesting to realize that with the exceptions of a few books, my cello, my Bose headphones, and a couple of good bottles of red wine, I really didn’t find myself missing anything I had in storage. I think that probably indicates I should do another round of downsizing my possessions before moving everything into my house.

I drove a route through Utah and Idaho to reach home and the drive was gorgeous. A good portion of it featured snow-covered mountains and rivers running alongside the highway. I was so jazzed about the surroundings all around me that I drove a little over 800 miles the second day before realizing it was probably time to stop for the night.

Mojave, UT was just a groovy small town. But let me just say Ive never seen so many BATs (Big-assed Trucks) in my life! I swear I drove through town looking at nothing but mudflaps. Definitely need to go back there sometime with Charlie and check things out. Mojave strikes me as the bastard child of Sedona, AZ and Madrid, NM.

The final stretch of the drive was along the River. I’d always wondered what things looked like east of where my house is. The answer is some phenomenally gorgeous landscape. It was late enough Saturday night and pretty enough along the river that I decided to stay in a hotel about an hour from my place and finish up in the morning.

I woke up just before sunrise Sunday morning, and made the final drive to my new home as the sun was rising over the river. I reached the front door of my house to a fanfare of Canadian geese who had followed me down the dock.

It was a good homecoming.