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Some ideas just immediately strike you as being great ones. This is the case with GreenPods modular homes. These homes just have a cool factor that is missing in many small homes. GreenPods are very similar to what their name indicates. They are small homes (the pod in the name) that are very focused on being green (the green in the GreenPod name).

The GreenPod vision is to build energy effective homes that have an eye on indoor air quality as well. Considering indoor air quality as a major factor in determining design is a very refreshing bainbridge 266×148 GreenPods They Even Have Homes That Floatdevelopment. Medical science is discovering that indoor air quality, while always deemed important, is actually vital to our health. The degassing from all sorts of building materials, such as carpet, is toxic to humans. The GreenPod concept treats this seriously, and should be commended for doing so.

Not surprisingly the GreenPod concept also factors in sustainability and strives to keep the homes environmental footprint low. The GreenPod team is working with designer Suzanne DeVail, who has produced numerous organic, anti-microbial fabrics specifically for use in GreenPod homes.

The Washington state based GreenPod company has small homes that range from as small as 300 feet to as large as 800 square feet. GreenPod notes that it is possible to combine more than one POD into a larger home. There SoloPODS come in eleven different designs, each with their own character. The smallest is the Lopez at 372 square feet and a cost of around $60,000. The largest models is called the Orcas, and has a distinctive barrel roof. The Orcas is 744 square feet and costs about a $175,000.

Another interesting model, the Ludlow, is $95,000 and is about 731 square feet. The Ludlow is a really interesting option for those looking for a green small home that it has a great looking design. This model has lots of light exposure and a very competitive price. If you really want light exposure, check out their Mercer Pod, which has a very grand look that comes across well beyond its 650 square feet.

Perhaps most interesting of all of GreenPods offerings is the Floating Pods. These Pods are constructed in conjunction with P & T Fabrications and definitely have that cool factor. The Floating Pods incorporate the design characteristics of the SoloPODS but, well, they float!

GreenPod is creating some impressive homes with some truly impressive interiors. Their combination of design and focus being green, make them a true contender for anyone thing about buying a tiny or modular home. There website is loaded with great photos and more information.