Small Homes

Easy Domes for Easy Living

The world of small homes is exciting, in part, because there is so much variety. Homeowners are given so many potential choices. With tiny homes it really is possible for people to find a home that fits their specific needs very well. Take for example, the concepts put forth by the people at Easy Domes, built on The Faroe Islands in Denmark.

Easy Domes have a shape that many would find unique. The homes are based on the Icosahedron polyhedra which sounds a lot like an obscure dinosaur, but is really just a type of geometric shape. Think hexagon. What really makes these tiny homes so interesting is that all the sections are pre-made and can be assembled quickly and easily. Assembly is done with good old-fashioned nuts and easydomes..bolts. Yet, the final product certainly doesn’t look old fashioned. Even the transport is done via a container and there is no need for a crane.

Easy Domes have done a very nice job explaining the materials used and the process on their website. They have three options on their site ranging from The Tuft, which is a designed to be a spare time cottage, to the Duo-Domes, which are designed to be homes large enough for a small family. It is possible to link several of the easy homes together to form even larger structures. In fact, there is no theoretical limit to how many could be attached together!

The design and ease of construction are what make these domes so interesting. This design seems to be very flexible as no special skills are needed for assembly, nor are any special tools. Apparently, the Easy Domes can be built on just about any surface. (The website doesn’t list water or lava, but we can probably cut them some slack on that one.)

Because of their design, Easy Domes states that their creations can handle extreme storm winds, earthquakes and even be covered with earth. The shape of domes, in general, is known to be extremely strong and does stand up much better to intense weather. For example, domes can stand up to such things as hurricane winds far better than our traditional peak style homes we are all so familiar with.

The easy dome concept has a tremendous amount going for it. They are highly energy efficient, have a very novel and interesting look, can be assembled by average people and require no special tools to do so. The Tuft is a tiny prefabricated option that is really worth a look for those seeking a tiny home. (If you are really curious, you can even rent one near the village of Kvivik in the Faroe Islands right now!)