Small Homes

Innovative and Modern Small Spaces

One of the most exciting developments in small homes is the number of great builders and architects that are joining this quickly growing movement. Architect Casper Mork-Ulnes and builder Nick Damner are the founders of MODERN CABANA. They have an innovative and thoughtful approach to small spaces. Their concept of The Cabana was built around the notion that adding space should be simple and affordable, yet look great. Founded in 2004 in San Francisco, MODERN CABANA has created building options with a surprising degree of flexibility and charm.

There is a lot to like about the MODERN CABANA strategy. There are five main design options ranging from 10 X10 to 12 X 25, with prices ranging from $11,500 to $30,980. Each of these designs comes with the possibility of additional add-ons, such as higher R-value roof and wall insulation, wood or fiberglass French doors and operable side widows.

Some of the larger units come with interesting options such as maple interior wallboard, exposed rafters, environmentally friendly R-13 recycled denim wall insulation, and renewable bamboo flooring.

Part of what makes MODERN CABANA a stand out is that the company has provided customers with a fantastic assembly process. Most unassembled kits arrive with a multitude of pieces that need to be assembled by the homeowner. The Cabanas, in contrast, arrive in pre-assembled panels. Pre-assembled panels are magical words for anyone who has ever had to assemble anything of consequence!

The MODERN CABANA approach to foundation issues, also helps the company stand out above the crowd. The Cabanas are built on concrete piers, similar to what one would find in deck construction. This change is very significant for it bypasses the time consuming, bothersome (and sometimes expensive) prospect of pouring a concrete slab foundation.

There are some issues that will, not surprisingly, have to be addressed by contractors. For example, electricity is an important feature that needs to be tackled. Under no circumstances should you try and handle the wiring of your tiny home, or any other home, yourself. A plumber will also be required to handle installing all plumbing. It should be noted that bathrooms are only available in the 12X30 and 13X25 units. The company estimates that installing a bathroom will cost the homeowner about an additional $6,000 dollars.

Anyone considering a tiny home should give MODERN CABANA a serious look. They have given the entire prefabricated housing concept a great deal of thought, and have created a variety of good options at different price points. They can even do custom designs.