Small Homes

Modern, minimal tiny house

As you well know, there is currently a movement afoot to go smaller. After decades of being told that everything must be bigger, from our houses to our cars, more and more people are beginning to move in the opposite direction and go smaller. This change is happening with cars (thanks in part to the gas crisis) and it’s happening with homes as well.

There are more choices in small, eco-aware housing than ever before. Take for example, the weeHouse. The people at weeHouse have designed studio homes that measure only 14 x 26 and take up a rather wee 341 square feet. They have a multitude of other configurations and sizes as well. Sizes range from 341 square feet all the way up to an impressive 2,150 square foot model. Their smaller designs, in additional to their 341 square foot model are 672 sf and 812 sf.

The price for the studio at 341 sq ft is about $64,000 and the largest model costs about $255,000. This is not a bad price at all considering that it is for a brand new 2,150 sf home. Of course, this does not include the land, the cost of laying down the foundation or other additions. However, for those interested in both small homes and modular homes, a weeHouse is a definite option.

The weeHouse concept is an interesting one. The weeHouse team has attempted to create a modular home that looks nothing like what most people expect. The weeHouse team has created over a dozen size options and possibilities. This is a home that will appeal to those who are looking not only for something different, but also something that is perhaps a little more on the smaller side of the housing spectrum.

Part of what makes the weeHome so attractive is that in this day of ever increasing home energy prices, the units have been designed to be very energy efficient. The typical American home uses around 700kWh per month. weeHouse has recently teamed with Fusion, an alternative energy provider. The plan is to drastically reduce the amount of energy that a weeHouse can use. Through Fusions add-on solar and wind energy kits, a typical weeHouse will use on 260kWh per month. This is a striking difference when compared to the 700kWh per month number racked up by the average American house.

The weeHouse home designs look very modern, and have the additional benefit of being modular in design. One has to appreciate the effort that weeHouse has put into finding a way to make their design even more eco-friendly through their partnership with Fusion. The energy packages that weeHouse and Fusion have created for the weeHouses only makes the process easier for those looking for a eco-friendly small home. If the weeHouse concept sounds like a good fit, check out their site. The site has all thirteen models options shown complete with floor plans.