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Eco-friendly modern houseboat design

The SolarHome is an eco-friendly, 75 square meter houseboat design created by UK-based Mark Kingsley Architects. The working model of the SolarHome is currently located in the Lusatian Lakelands in Germany.

The houseboat uses solar energy and has two different modes of operation Docked mode and Self-sufficient. In Docked mode, it draws fresh water and power from its moorage. In Self-Sufficient mode, its a self-contained unit and can supposedly operate for 6-12 months at a time.

(Unfortunately, I have no information on its water catchment and management system, nor how it handles sewage. Presumably it must have some sort of containment system for the later.)

The designers are quick to say it offers all the modern amenities one might want and that they are willing to design customized homes.

Credit for the discovery of this groovy little house goes to my buddy, who is rapidly becoming my unofficial researcher for potential articles. (I have to confess, though, that of all his finds, the river shanty and its colorful inhabitants featured earlier this week is still my favorite.)