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Tiny Modular Home Solution

If you are considering a tiny cabin retreat, you really might want to consider the Metrocabin from Cabin Fever. The Metrocabin is a modular structure that is designed to be highly functional and metrocabin 300×225 Metrocabin Lots of Modification Options In This Modular Tiny Home sturdy. The Maximo unit is 16 feet by 20 feet and has a price of about $32,000 dollars. The smaller Medio unit is 12 feet by 16 feet and cost about $20,000. Cabin Fever can also build larger units on request. The Metrocabin concept seems to offer a lot for the money and also has some nice modification options.

Part of what makes the Metrocabin concept so interesting is it happens to be extremely versatile. Almost every aspect of the design can be modified, and the prices for all the options are easy to understand. Everything from air-conditioning and heating, to wall finishes and electrical packages can be changed and upgraded. Sometimes builders overlook the notion of being able to modify tiny homes. The option to modify a tiny home is especially nice when considering that one needs to be highly satisfied with the interior space, due to the inherit lack of space.

Cabin Fever is definitely approaching the tiny home concept from the perspective of building homes to be tough. Much attention is given to the issue of foundations, structural engineering and roofing. Consequently, their design is pleasant but lacks some of the wow factor of other tiny home models. Still, as a retreat cabin the Metrocabin is a fine concept. Since the Metrocabin is a prefab kit, built in a factory, it can be assembled and shipped anywhere in the country.

It is obvious that they have put a great deal of thought into the concept and have created a solid home kit. Yet, in this increasingly environmentally aware era, it would be nice to see some sort of solar power option, especially as this advantage is so common in prefab housing and small homes in general. However, this fact alone should not deter those who are considering buying a cabin retreat, for Cabin Fever has created a solid product with the Metrocabin. Take a look at Cabin Fevers website to see if the Metrocabin concept might be a good fit. The overall cost of the kit definitely makes it an attractive contender in the tiny house market.