Small Homes

Inexpensive Small Home Options

If you are looking for an easy to construct and very inexpensive small home, you will want to take a look at the U-Dome from World Shelters. World Shelters specializes in producing low-cost temporary housing for humanitarian needs. But tiny homes, such as the U-Dome, might be what some tiny home enthusiasts need as well.

The futuristic dome shape is UV resistant, fire retardant, uses shingled construction and is easy to assemble. This 200 square foot tiny house is one of the cheapest options available at merely $2,500.

There are some limitations to the design, but for price tag this can only be expected. The U-Dome is made from white semi-translucent panels, which will last three to five years before UV-degradation begin to damage the material. This will eventually lead to cracks and other damage. World Shelters is fairly certain that if the material is painted it might last for up to ten years. So, the U-Dome isn’t designed to be truly permanent, but at $2,500 dollars each that isn’t too much of an issue.

The bathroom and showing facility is a separate attachment called the Shower Dome, and they recommend a Zodi brand shower unit that produces one gallon per minute. One gallon per minute could seem like roughing it to many, but you would definitely save on the water bill.

Other considerations are mostly environmental as well. In terms of being able to handle the environment in other ways it turns out that the U-Dome is insulated, can handle winds up to 65 mph and is designed in such a way that it is difficult for snow to accumulate.

The U-Dome may seem a bit to bare bones for some, but the price is amazing and the U-Dome could very well make a great cabin. The concept has merit and the price point definitely grabs ones attention. If you are looking for a very inexpensive housing option, then it’s going to be tough to beat the U-Dome.