Small Homes

Small Homes for Senior Citizens

Upon occasion we come across a concept that truly incorporates a bit of genius. Angel Wing Cottage the rather clever idea . Based in Monroe, North Carolina, Wing Cottages are developing a senior citizen alternative living community centered on energy effective tiny homes. If you are over fifty-five, this should definitely be something to consider.

The Angel Wing Cottages have three cottages to choose from. Cottage One is 544 square feet and has a pleasant design. What really makes these cottages from Angel Wing Cottages so interesting is cottage their hidden little secret. Angel Wing Cottages are built to be tough. How tough? They have been designed to handle winds of up to 140 miles per hour. This tough design meshes into the overall design philosophy well. Angel Wing Cottages are designed to be long lasting and require low-maintenance. One can see how this idea would be attractive to seniors.

Other aspects of the Angel Wing Cottage concept will no doubt also appeal to seniors, such as the fact that the cottages are built on site, are Energy Star certified and are meant to be affordable. Numerous other aspects of the concept make the Angel Wing Cottage concept even more interesting. Part of the plan is to have fresh vegetables grown in the community, and shared community hybrid rental vehicles as well.

It is definitely refreshing to see a concept that improves the health of residents built into the concept from the ground up. Fresh vegetables have been proven to be more nutritious than vegetables than have been grown hundreds or even thousands of miles away and picked days earlier. Hybrid vehicles should also provide for cleaner community air. This holistic approach to living and the environment should be applauded.

One of the key elements of the Angel Wing Cottage concept is that this is a community of seniors. It would be easy to just focus on the tiny home aspect of the project, but part of what makes it so very interesting is that the Angel Wing Cottage concept is a community of tiny homes for seniors. That core concept is just brilliant.