Small Homes

Tiny Sink Solutions for Tiny Homes

As part of planning how to better use the available space in my tiny bathroom, Ive been spending a lot of time looking at bathroom fixtures. Ikea has just come out with their new line of sinks and cabinets and there are a couple that I think would be of interest to people building or remodeling their own tiny homes.

Im really excited about Ikeas new LILLÅNGEN sinks and cabinets. I think they are very clever in their use of space including their inset soap dish and towel rack. The smallest model (featured in the picture below) is 15 3/5 x 16. I have a feeling that Im going to be using the next largest size (23 5/8 x 16) in my own bathroom.

It looks like Ikea doesnt have the smallest size of ÅNN sink available for purchase on their website, but keep an eye out because it should be appearing shortly. I think this would make a perfect sink in something like a Tumbleweed or Tortoiseshell tiny home bathroom.

The Lagan sink is 17 3/4 in diameter and comes with both sink strainer and stopper.

If you’re looking for a slightly larger stainless sink, the Boholmen is 18 7/8 x 19 5/8. There is no pre-drilled hole in the sink unit, giving you free choice in placing the faucet. (Which is great news if you wish to place it in the corner.)

Im sure these are just a start in terms of whats out there for do-it-yourself tiny home builders. Has anyone else out there found anything theyd like to recommend?