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Tiny house Building Workshops

I just figured out what I’m giving to myself as a Christmas gift this year Ive been longingly looking at the schedule of Tiny House building and design workshops all summer. Tiny home experts drove right through Portland a few months back towing an a small home (top picture) and I wasn’t there to see them or attend their workshops, dang it.

Well, low and behold, I just discovered I’m going to be pretty close to Orlando for work when the workshops arrive there next month. I’m cashing in some air miles and shamelessly using my company’s corporate hotel rate to travel on the cheap. And, by God, I’m going to attend the two workshops.

Now, admittedly, I already have my own small home project that I’m in up to my eyeballs right now. But Ive been enamored by tiny home designs for a couple of years, now. I would love an excuse to build one of his little homes someday. Moreover, his design workshop is of quite a bit of interest to me because I’m at the point in (re)constructing my own place where I need to figure out maximize the internal use of space to best meet my needs. Even if I don’t ever build by own Tumbleweed home, they have several clever features I think I may be able to adapt for my own floating cottage.

I also think Id really enjoy meeting some other people who are passionate about small housing in person.

So, all in all, I’m pretty excited that Ive found a way to attend.