Small Homes

Tiny Homes on Wheels

Don’t tell me that you don’t have your days where you think about just leaving it all behind. If only you could get in your car or truck and tow your house away, start over somewhere a new

Well, guess what? You can do just that. There are many tiny houses that you can quite literally hitch up to your truck and drive away with. Lodge-On-Wheels does exactly what you might expect from the name, it is a tiny house that is on wheels.

The concept was born out of the great American tragedy that was Hurricane Katrina. Before Hurricane Katrina, the founders of Lodge-On-Wheels specialized in restoring lodge on wheels 300×185 Lodge On Wheels Packs A Lot Into A Small Space historic homes. After Hurricane Katrina, founder Julie felt it was time to head in another direction and begin building small, portable homes.

This tiny house measures in at about 10 x 20, but has much of what you would expect and hope for out of any house. There is a surprisingly decent sized kitchen and bathroom, and a really fun sleeping loft in the rear of the home. One of the main aspects of Lodge-On-Wheels that is bound to please, is how much like a real home the Lodge-On-Wheels concept feels. The all wood interior design really does look like a lodge and the fact that there is enough room for a bed, table, couch, kitchen and bath is a testament to how much can be done with the available space.

The homey feel of Lodge-On-Wheels, combined with its $38,000 price tag, makes it a definite option to those looking to join the tiny home movement. This is certainly a very green alternative to building a summer home, for example. Many people are using Lodge-on-Wheels as an innovative Summer home.

Since its inception after Hurricane Katrina, Lodge-On-Wheels has been in numerous newspapers and magazines and even covered by the BBC. See what all the buzz is about at They also have some great photos, and include a glimpse into the building process itself.