Small Homes

Small House Review

A remarkably talented artist who spends her time in the U.K. and Scotland. Her work reminds me greatly of two of my favorite artists. I fortuitously stumbled across her website one day while running queries for work.

To my delight, I discovered she is a kindred spirit who is charmed by little homes on wheels. She now lives out of an old van that was remodeled by her partner and herself. Their little place, makes me think of a hobbit-hole on wheels. It has a quirky kind of warmth and bohemian beauty that I suspect is a close reflection of her inhabitants.

They have recently been traveling in their little home through Scotland, and recent posts on her blog show some fantastic countryside. If you’ve ever wondered what modern-day gypsies might look like, here they are.

She has a fascinating blog. I encourage you to check it out both for more photos of the Hermitage and to see a lot of examples of her lovely artwork. (Two prints of which are on their way to me now.)