Small Homes

Japanese Small/Tiny Homes are Beautiful

When you think about small housing and making the most out of a tiny amount of space, it is natural to look to Japan. The island nation of Japan may appear fairly large on a map, but consider for a moment that much of the nation is too mountainous to build upon. Add to this the fact that much of the remaining land is allocated to farming, and you begin to understand the Japanese obsession with maximizing small living spaces.

With this obsession in mind, many Japanese architects are building upon the Japanese tradition of “going small.” Much like the elegant Bonsai Trees, these architects are paving the way with some very innovative and tiny homes.

The Schemata Architecture Offices entry into the small houses world is definitely a striking one, not soon forgotten. Schemata’s outrageous 63.02 house in Tokyo is a stellar example of how to build a home big on character and style in a surprisingly small space. You would never guess by looking at the 63.02 house that it is only about 260 square feet.

You may be wondering where this strange name originated. The 63.02 derives its name from the fact that the house is inclined 63.02 degrees. The 63.02 is a stunning piece of architecture and design inside as well, proving once again that much can be packed into a small space. Check out Yanko Design to learn more about this fantastic concept.
Another tiny home coming from Japan is the Atelier for calligrapher by the Japanese architecture firm of Kochi Architects Studio.

Now the Atelier for calligrapher could sort of be described as the slightly evil twin of Schemata Architecture Offices 63.02 house. Both tiny homes take advantage of the visceral use of unexpected angles and slightly off-balanced, yet paradoxically harmonious shapes. Two big differences do exist between these two small wonders. Atelier for calligrapher has a dark exterior whereas 63.02 has a white exterior. The second most striking difference is that the Atelier for calligrapher has a rougher exterior, where the 63.02 is smooth. Atelier for calligrapher’ and several other very innovative designs can be seen at the Kochi Architects Studio.

Both of these homes are impressive examples of both what can be done with a small spaces, and how Japanese architects are addressing the issue of space maximization. With these talented architects, the tradition of building elegant and small structures is in good hands. 63.02 and ‘Atelier for calligrapher’ are definite inspiration for anyone wanting to build a standout home with a small footprint. These Japanese houses have a small footprint both in the amount of land used, as well as in their overall impact upon the