Small Homes

Compact Stainless Steel Kitchen Units

In researching possible options for remodeling the kitchen in my small house, I came across Fagors CX-5 Cooking Center.

This integrated kitchen unit is only 50 inches wide and is designed to be integrated with either a 27 radiant or gas cooktop. In addition, it features a stainless steel exterior, two large-capacity side drawers, and a central drawer for storage. While this is probably a little too industrial-looking for my tastes, I can easily see this working well in a home with limited kitchen space.

I especially liked the design of Fagors matching stacked, stainless steel dishwasher which has modules to store tableware, flatware, and cutlery. I wish more appliance manufacturers offered designs like this.

There is also a 24 wide, 24 deep, stainless steel refrigerator with freezer on the bottom to complete the look and efficient use of kitchen space.

Hopefully these designs might provide food for thought for those of you out there designing your own small kitchens.