Changes to the Home

Well, so much for my good intentions to at least have an entry every Friday. My work-life got insanely crazy working with banks right now will do that to you and I am more than a little behind on updates on the house. Please bear with me while I try to catch back up

Three weeks ago I spent the week up in Oregon so that I could meet and discuss siding,windows, roofing, and colors. He very wisely insisted that I come up and eyeball what he thought I’d probably want in the way of colors for the new roof and siding.

I had picked out a color scheme a few months back and sent him the make/model numbers for the siding and roof colors I’d selected. Naturally, since nothing about my remodel can go as simply as initially planned, I had picked out a different brand of siding than what Kenny actually wanted to use.

He did his best to match the colors, but they didn’t exactly sync up. And then I exercised my prerogative and changed my mind which complicated matters further. (Hey, at least I changed my mind before we bought materials or started putting them on the house.)

I’m using vinyl siding that is meant to look like cedar shake in a color called “cedar sunset”. The shake-style siding is considerably more expensive than regular siding. However, one of the advantages of having a tiny place is the impact of using higher-end materials in not nearly as dramatic to the total costs as it would be in a larger home.

One can argue that vinyl isn’t all that high end, but there’s no way I’m going with traditional shakes when wood rots as quickly as it does on the water. Ive taken a good look at some of my neighbors places that are covered with actual cedar shake and Ive got a sneaking suspicion I know where my former flying squatters may have relocated to.

Since I was already ripping the siding and walls off the house, I got into the spirit of things and decided to replace the battered metal roof as well. The roof will remain green, but is going to be a slightly darker shade than what is on there now. The manufacturer has very creatively named the color “forest green”.

Trim along the edge of the roof and the new railing on the rooftop deck will be done in white. We’ll have to see how it turns out, but I’m thinking it should be nice.

I have to say I was excited when I received photos from Kenny of the siding in progress. The place is starting to actually look and feel somewhat house-like again.